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Mariana Brandão

"I was born in Porto in 1976. Graduated in Dance and Art History. Master in Art History. Currently developing a PhD thesis about dance and performance, supported by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal).
Taught dance and Dance History for 12 years in a professional dance school, including workshops in several different areas, as part of a protocol established with educational institutions. Worked for 9 years at Serralves Contemporary Art Museum, at the educational services. Worked at General-Directorate for the Arts (Portuguese Ministry of Culture), implementing and managing an international programme of scholarships in the arts. I teach at Lisbon University (performing arts and performance). Lectures on Dance and Performance.
Certificated in Advanced English, Oxford University, I also understand and speak French."

Drums for Peace related projects:

Workshop leader at youth exchanges:
2001, “Come Together" in Montluçon, France;
2002, “Cross Over” in France and Portugal;
2002, “Trommer for Fred” in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2003, “East-West” in Tallinn, Estonia;
2004, “Sol&Arte” in V.N.Gaia, Portugal;
2004, “Joy” in Vordingbord, Denmark;
2005, “Sol&Arte” in V.N.Gaia, Portugal;
2011, “Sol&Arte” in Lamego, Portugal;
2013, “Sol&Arte” in Guimarães, Portugal;

Training courses and meetings:
2001, "Diwyll Tant" in Pembroke, Wales, UK;
2001, "Culture Bridge" in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2001, "Heart Beat" in Soroe, Denmark;
2002, "Co-Operação” in Monção, Portugal;
2004, “O Law I Law” in Wales, UK;
2005, “Hand in Hand” in Mustamae, Estonia;
2006, “Close2hearts”, Milan, Italy;
2008, “Owol” in V.N.Gaia, Portugal;
2008, “Praxis Document”, Grundtvig II in Vilnius, Lithuania;
2008, “Owol”, “Praxis Document”, Grundtvig II. in Milan, Italy;
2013, “New Life to Traditional Stories” project in Codlea, Romania;

About the workshop(s):

"I usually work with movement and dance, even though not using a specific style of dance. In this context, I prefer to compose from what participants have at each specific moment."

Contact information:

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