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Drums for Peace Activities 2014
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2-8.2 DK
Photos & video
Circus Leadership Training Hosted by NyXus (DK) assotiation. ACTOR (RO), Fundacja Miastro Projekt (PL), ARCI La Quercia (IT), Biedrība “Cietokšņa Kopiena'' (LV).
8-15.2 LV
Multilateral youth-exchange Hosted by CultHus in cooperation with Liepaja Children & Youth Center (LV). With the following partners: Guldborgsund Ungdomsskole (DK), LCYC (LV), Garzdai/Kleipeda District (LT) & ACTOR (RO).
12-16.3 FR
G2-learning-partnership "New Life to Traditional Stories". Training on oral transmission and street movement, on French and African traditions. Hosted by Association Pourqui Pas (FR), in Montlucon. With the following partners: Gaiac (PT), ARTTRAIN (DK), Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo (IT), ACTOR (RO), Helsinki Pioneers (FI) & MTÜ Foorumteater (EE).
17-20.3 DK
Drums for Peace annual meeting Hosted by CultHus in Nykoebing F, DK. With the following partners: Arttrain DK, NYXUS DK, SMS DK, CultHus DK, UKS DK, MTÜ Foorumteater EE, Helsinki Pioneers FI, ARCI La Quercia IT, Cinisello Balsamo IT , Cooperativa Sociale Il Torpedone IT, Liepaja Children & Youth Centre (LCYC) LV, GAIAC, V.N.Gaia PT, ACTOR RO, Sliperiet,Örnsköldsvik SE, Youth-Centre "51'eren", Skellefteaa SE.
22-29.3 DK
Video with the performance
Multilateral youth-exchange "Bridges" Hosted by Arttrain in cooperation with CultHus. With the following partners: Sliperiet (SE), MUNICIPALITY OF CINISELLO BALSAMO (IT), ACTOR (RO), Molinn (IS) & GAIAC (PT).
12-16.4 EE
G2-learning-partnership "New Life to Traditional Stories". Training on Forum Theatre with traditional stories Hosted by EUCW in Tallinn. With participants from Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, Denmark, France and Italy.
5-10.5 DK
"Sustainable Future"- study visit on sustainable energy Hosted by CultHus in Nykoebing F. With the following partners: Helsinki Pioneers (FI), Association Pourqui Pas (FR), Cinisello Balsamo (IT), GAIAC (PT), ACTOR (RO) and Service Civil International (CH).
27.5-3.6 IT
"Cultures on the Road" Youth exchange Hosted by Comune di Cinisello Balsamo. With the following partners: ACTOR (RO), MOLINN Ungmennahus (IS), GAIAC (PT), Helsinki Pioneers (FI) and EUCW (EE).
20-25.6 PT
Additional info
Grundtvig-Learning Partnership; final meeting for NLTS. Hosted by GAIAC in Porto. With following partners: MTU Foorumteater (EE), Helsinki Pioneers (FI), ACTOR (RO), ARTTRAIN (DK), Comune di Cinisello Balsamo (IT) and Association Pourqoi Pas (FR).
23-30.6 SE
"Northern Summer Light" Youth exchange Hosted by Sliperiet in cooperation with Efyran, in Örnsköldsvik. With folowing partners: GAIAC (PT), ACTOR (RO) and Il Torpedone (IT).
27.7-3.8 DK
Video and Photos
"Youth4Com" exchange Hosted by UKS in Stubbekoebing. With folowing partners: Joensuu 4H Association (FI), Garzdai Youth Center (LT) & ACTOR (RO).
27.7-3.8 DK
"VIBES" exchange Hosted by Guldborgsund Ungdomsskole in Sakskoebing. In cooperation with Liepaja Children & Youth Centre (LV), Helsinki Pioneers (FI) & Wejherowo Cultural Centre (PL).
31.7-8.8 DK
"International Dimension" exchange Hosted by CultHus in Nykoebing F. With the following partners: Helsinki Pioneers (FI), LCYC (LV) & WCK (PL).
4-11.9 IT "Vegalume" youth exchange Hosted by Arci La Quercia in Cinisello Balsamo In cooperation with: GAIAC (PT), ACTOR (RO) and MOSAIC (PL).
20-26.9 PL "International Dimension II" youth exchange Hosted by CultHus in Wejherowo With the following partners: LCYC (LV) and WCK (PL).