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"Drums for Peace 2011-Annual-Meeting"
in Porto 27.11.2011

1. Proposals from Bo:
a) Drums for Peace is moving from an informal network
into a more constitutional / organisational structure.
b) Drums for Peace will have a bank-account
c) Drums for Peace will make the next contract with GOUDA on insurance
and invoice organisations for this
d) Drums for Peace will send invoices to partner-organisations in all DfP-projects
e) DfP basic fee of 1.000 EUR per project will be paid to DfP-account
f) The 3 persons "Advisory Panel" will together with Bo
act as a kind of board until 2012- DfP-meeting
g) This 4 persons "board" will meet 2-3 times a year paid by these "Basic-fee" money
h) This 4 persons board will discuss on finding an DfP-administrator,
who can be paid with the last part of "basic-DfP-fees"

2. Election of Advisory Board
3. Calendar for 2012-13
4. Interest in being recognised as active DfP-member expressed by
EUCW / Estonian Union of Child Welfare.

Ad 1) The meeting expressed in general an understanding and interst in following the proposals,
but there were also suggestions on having a annual fee of 500 EUR per organisation
instead of the actual paying per approved project.
Some argued that there would be more member organisations like that,
and so the income to DfP would stay the same as for now.
It was also the general understanding that memebership fee should be different
for different
countries parallel to actual the fees written in our guidelines.

The meeting also discussed voting rights for organisations,
if we change to an annual membershipfee and then have many new organisation
that we don't know that well and who haven't hosted projects.
Until this is the case the may have a status as "member-candidates"
with the rights to use DfP-services - and to take part in annual meeting

Ad 2) Graša, Eugenia & Didier were elected
and will together with Bo prepare an agenda for next DfP-meeting
including a suggestion for a Drums for Peace constitution.

Ad 3) Please look here: 2012 - 2013

Ad 4) EUCW was welcomed as an active member of Drums for Peace-Network

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