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Youth4Com 2016

     "Ung Kultur i Stubbekøbing" was founded in August 2012 as a result of the exchange VIBES held by cultural community CultHus, but implemented on Stubbekobing school.
We saw how important this project was for our young people and our city and we therefore started UKS for the following purposes:
"Its aim is to organize local and international cultural projects in Stubbekobing and involve young people from Stubbekobing in cultural projects locally and abroad, thus making Stubbekobing and Guldborgsund Municipality for a more exciting place to live for young people"
In UKS we constantly work vigorously to make Stubbekobing for less "peripheral Denmark" and a more attractive place to live and visit in, and in this context, youth exchanges are very important.
In addition we are now in the situation that a large group of refugees is to be included in our society. Not that it's a totally unknown task, but the city has not been particularly influenced by other cultures for many years and therefore the project also has tasks to act as a catalyst of creating broader understanding of cultural and social differences to positive influence on the interpersonal perception in a local community.
"Youth4Com-Cultural Understanding" will take place in the city of Stubbekoebing, Guldborgsund Municipality, scheduled to be: first youth exchange with 50 participants in July 31rd - August 8th 2016 from Poland, Romania and Denmark, and second youth exchange with the same partners in July 30rd - August 6th 2017. The participants will be the age of 13-17.

     The program of the exchanges will follow the general mythology of Drums for Peace, which offers creative /artistic workshops as a catalyst for communication and cooperation and by the end of the week they are worked together into a performance, which will be shown as street performances in Stubbekøbing by the Marina as well as at the KulturKlash-festival hosted by CultHus in Nykøbing.
We will offer following creative/artistic workshops:
Dance with Steve (UK), music with Andy (UK) and drama with Vilma (LT). Workshops will have experienced instructors, and they will all be worked at Stubbekoebing school.
Together with this, there will also be time to explore Stubbekoebing, which is one of the oldest market towns in Denmark (1354), the medieval church (1200), the bronze statue of King Frederik VII (1808-1863) the giver of the Danish Constitution and our beautiful region.

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